e-Crime Academy

e-Crime Bureau has setup e-Crime Academy as it’s training arm to support our clients and other stakeholders on their training needs. The Academy organizes both In-House and Open-House training programmes for institutions. Major financial institutions, security/law enforcement agencies, public sector organizations and other institutions and individuals have benefited from our training programmes.

The Academy also provides training for Small-Groups in our specialized areas. The Academy also collaborates with both local institutions – including universities and internal partners to run both Academic and Professional Certification Programmes.

For further details on the academy, visit www.e-crimetrainingacademy.com

e-Crime Bureau

e-Crime Bureau is an industry leader in West Africa in the area of cyber security, digital forensics, intelligence, investigations and related services, among others. It is the first cyber security and digital forensics agency with a state-of-the-art e-Crime Lab to be established and fully operate in West Africa.



e-Crime Bureau (Accra): +233 (0) 302 960397 | +233 (0) 207 131646
e-Crime Academy: +233 (0) 302 999981 | +233(0) 501 436340
e-Crime Bureau (Kumasi): +233 (0) 322 493551 | +233(0) 501 551125
Email: info@e-crimebureau.com | training@e-crimebureau.com


Physical Address: 1st Floor, Oswald House Adenta SDA Junction,
Adentan La-Nkwantanang Boundary Road, Adenta – Accra
Digital Address: GD-004-9182
Postal Address: P.O. Box DT 2703,
Adenta-Accra, Ghana.