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Cyber-attacks targeting computers, networks and the information technology infrastructure of businesses and institutions are becoming very common with the increasing reliance on information technology. Businesses are affected when it comes to deploying appropriate cyber security solutions and measures. This is as a result of the low level of cyber security awareness of employees which contributes to many cyber and data security breaches.

Our Focus

e-Crime Bureau has continuously supported large, medium and small-scale businesses from different industries to effectively assess and deploy robust cyber security control mechanisms and readiness to deal with persistent cyber-attacks. Executive and Management Teams must adopt Cyber Risk Management Programmes as a cost-effective approach to ensuring the resilience of their people, processes and technology. This is a key pre-requisite to cyber assure investors, customers, regulators and other key business stakeholders. This will give IT infrastructure the ability to withstand and identify existing and potential cyber-attacks as well as hidden consequences of any cyber breach.


Cyber Security

e-Crime Bureau’s Cyber Security services are designed to proactively address evolving Cyber Security needs and challenges facing organizations.

Cyber Forensics

With the advent of technology and computers, those who ignore evidence and records from electronic medium do so at their own risk.

Intelligence & Investigations

Our Intelligence & Investigations services comprise the following: background checks on employees and contractors.

Technology Solutions

e-Crime Bureau has developed cyber security and forensic technology solutions to assist organizations manage emerging and existing cyber security and fraud risks.

AML/Financial Crimes Management

e-Crime Bureau assists clients especially in the financial services sector to implement and review Anti-Money Laundering / AML strategies.
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