Intelligence & Investigations

Security Intelligence aims at collecting, evaluating and analyzing relevant data collected within or without an organization to provide calculated responses to potential real-time threats. Essentially, Security Intelligence helps identify risks before they escalate to breaches.

e-Crime Bureau understands the need to protect information with information as well as investigate incidents to the later. With our well-trained intelligence operatives and investigators, we provide you excellent and timely results to safeguard your assets and institution.

Intelligence & Investigations Services

Background Checks and Clearance Investigations (BCCI)

The emerging risks associated with employees require an effective approach in addressing the issues of insider threats. Background screening provided by an external service provider with expertise, required resources and contacts in the sector is quickly becoming a standard practice for many businesses. An effective background screening framework is becoming the most effective way of mitigating risks associated with prospective and existing employees. We support organisations to employ personnel and engage employees with a verifiable track record and impeccable integrity to handle and manage organisations’ assets. Our Background Checks & Clearance Investigations Services will deliver valuable risk and security insights to support your organization especially the Human Resource and Security Departments to make informed decisions on employees.

Polygraph Services

We are the first and only private institution equipped with the state-of-the-art computerised Polygraph Testing Device (Lie detector) to provide related services to both individuals and private and public institutions. Our examiners have vast knowledge and experience in the field and are conversant with the most validated techniques to provide accurate, professional, confidential and discrete results.

Intelligence Gathering for Public and Private Sector Institutions

Our profound knowledge and expertise in providing end-to-end intelligence makes e-Crime Bureau number one in the industry. We help your organization stay efficient and strategically aware of the threats to your business.

Mystery Shopping

Are your employees complying with organizational standards?


Do you have what it takes to gather intelligence on risk exposure of your organization’s operations?


At e-Crime Bureau, we understand your need to stay competitively relevant, we therefore provide you with the best of services to help identify limitations in operations, measure quality of service and staff compliance with company regulations and acceptable practices. We also provide tailored support services based on your need.


e-Crime Bureau

e-Crime Bureau is an industry leader in West Africa in the area of cyber security, digital forensics, intelligence, investigations and related services, among others. It is the first cyber security and digital forensics agency with a state-of-the-art e-Crime Lab to be established and fully operate in West Africa.



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