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Intelligence & Investigations Services

Our Security Intelligence Services aim to collect, evaluate, analyse and report incidents or occurrences related to operational breaches and individual involvement in breaches such as theft, fraud, embezzlement, sexual exploitation, burglary, safety breaches, among others that require investigations to uncover circumstances leading to such incidents. The Bureau provides the following intelligence and investigations services to our clients and stakeholders:

Specialized Intelligence & Investigations Services

1Background Checks & Clearance Investigations
Our Background Checks & Clearance Investigations service is designed to help minimise insider-related fraud by uncovering financial integrity issues and other malpractices associated with employees. Our background checks service is designed to safeguard organisational assets by helping to minimise the possibility of theft, fraud, embezzlement, diversion/suppression of funds, leakage of confidential information, misappropriation or corporate espionage by hires/employees.
2Bug Sweeping
e-Crime Bureau have been providing professional bug sweeping and bug detection services to both private and government agencies. We uncover illegal surveillance devices such as bugs, covert cameras, recording devices, listening devices, etc.
3Polygraph Examination
e-Crime Bureau is the first private security and investigations company in Ghana to introduce the polygraph examination technology. The Bureau has supported institutions to apply the technology in both pre-employment screening process and for assisting with investigation in cases of security incidents involving employees. With a well-trained team of polygraph testing analysts, the Bureau has professionally administered the polygraph testing process and produced reports to support prosecution of malicious insiders.
4Vendor/Third-party Due Diligence
Our Vendor/Third-party Due Diligence service has supported organisations and security departments to identify risks that are associated with the processes of hiring third-party vendors/contractors whose activities and employees can potentially affect the operations, reputation and profitability of the institutions that patronize their services and integrate them into hiring institutions’ environment.
5Assets Tracing Services
Asset tracing involves a combination of intelligence and investigation techniques and processes to identify something of value to an individual or entity in a situation of loans, misappropriated properties, company assets, major shareholdings, credit reports, real estate properties and intangible assets, financial assets, etc. Our asset tracing services will support your organisation uncover what, where and with whom the assets are associated with. e-Crime Bureau’s highly professional and experienced staff are responsible for all field operations and analysis of information to achieve the best results and assure data protection and confidentiality.

Physical Security Audit

e-Crime Bureau provides a detailed review and audit of the security environment of setups to avert and deal with existing and potential vulnerabilities that may affect operations of these organisations. Our audit services cover compliance breaches relative to CCTV operations at operational areas, entry and exit procedures of employees at all levels as well as external perpetrators identified.

Security Intelligence

The Bureau has also supported organisations to establish security intelligence setup within the operations of organisations. e-Crime Bureau through its professional security intelligence operatives have developed and deployed techniques and strategies to gather intelligence which have supported our clients to avert many security threats.

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