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Financial Crimes & AML

The Bureau assists clients especially in the financial services sector to implement and review Anti-Money Laundering/AML strategies as part of their regulatory and compliance programmes. The company assists institutions to develop comprehensive fraud mitigation strategies and aid in developing fraud policies and anti-fraud/bribery programmes.
The AML/ Financial Crimes Management portfolio covers the following areas:

Specialized Financial Crimes & AML Services

1Financial Crimes Management
With our experienced team of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs), we assist with assessment, strategic planning and implementation of security and financial crime processes, protocols, policies and technologies that focuses on financial crime detection, advanced case management and financial crime reporting capabilities.
2Data Protection Services
For organisations who are looking at developing, reviewing or implementing data protection policies; train employees and getting advisory in ensuring compliance and maintaining quality standards in managing data within their organisation, e-Crime Bureau has the best solution Data Protection Risk Assessments and provision of Data Protection-as-a-Service (Daas) to strengthen compliance with data protection standards and protocols. We ensure that we provide our clients with bespoke advisory that assist institutions to ensure privacy and protection from data breaches and privacy violations.
3Integrity Management
Our aim assist institutions to improve employee integrity assessment practices through a combination of employee integrity management programmes available at e-Crime Bureau. e-Crime Bureau’s assessment suggests the private and public sector remain highly vulnerable to insider-related fraud, abuse and other financial malpractices.
4Anti-Money Laundering Services
The Bureau’s AML Services have supported institutions to understand and address challenges/issues that have made money laundering compliance difficult for institutions. Our bespoke solutions on AML have helped reduce risks and improved institutions’ ability to meet regulatory expectations. The Bureau has professional experts and resources that have constantly been involved in monitoring, gathering, analysing and interpreting developments around AML matters. We assist institutions to identify gaps that require assessment of your AML programmes in their present state to make adequate comparisons in anticipation of future AML programme requirements.

Financial Crimes Intelligence

We provide intelligence and analysis on the latest financial crime cases covering fraud, electronic crime, money laundering, bribery and corruption, etc.

Cyber Insurance

We assist insurance companies to provide policy reviews as well as physical penetration and vulnerability scanning, compliance audit, remediation and retesting focused on customers’ higher-risk exposures for a cyber insurance policy.

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