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Cyber Security

Over the past decade, e-Crime Bureau’s Cyber Security Team has provided technical support to institutions on cyber security assessments, audit, compliance, cyber security assurance, advisory and remediation support on specific threats targeting IT infrastructure of organisations. We specialize in providing total cybersecurity services for Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs), applications and other digital platforms/solutions. Our clients enjoy an effective project management approach from our Team to be able to achieve quality outcome of cyber security projects with completion at agreed timelines in mind. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) is integrated with vulnerability assessment tools, top-notch intelligence feeds and complimented with an effective incident response and remediation techniques. With the latest tools and cyber security technology, the Bureau’s services focuses on value addition and application of practical knowledge out of investigations conducted to protect employees and digital assets. In providing this service, the Bureau focuses on the following:

Specialized Cyber Security Services

1Managed Security Services
e-Crime Bureau supports institutions with comprehensive Managed Security Service that allows existing and potential clients to protect most valuable IT assets as well as customer data through event monitoring, cyber risk management/mitigating strategies, response and remediation of threats while meeting internal controls, industry regulatory expectations and compliance requirements. Our trusted and experienced Team of Cyber Security Analysts provide in-house monitoring with a well-setup Security Operations Center (SOC) to secure infrastructure, using the best and most secured cyber security tools and technology.
2Continuous Vulnerability Assessment (CVA)
Our Continuous Vulnerability Assessment service moves organisations from a reactive security posture to a more continuous and proactive one by introducing security events management systems into IT infrastructures to identify changes that can potentially increase the risk of cyber breaches/incidents. This approach to reducing cyber security incidents identify vulnerabilities around IT assets, digital products and solutions that have been introduced into the IT infrastructure. The service seeks to develop a plan to continuously assess and track vulnerabilities on all enterprise assets within our client’s infrastructure, to remediate, and minimize the window of opportunity for attackers.
3Protection of Critical Information Infrastructures (CII)
Ghana has seen remarkable development of its cyber security over the past seven (7) years with Ghana currently 3rd on the African Continent by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)’s rating of countries that are compliant with the right cyber security standards. A comprehensive approach to assist institutions designated by the Ministry of Communication & Digitalization as Critical Information Infrastructures (CII) has been set in place by the Cyber Security Authority (CSA). e-Crime Bureau has developed specific services that will support designated CIIs to comply with the Directive. These include assessment of the cyber security posture of CIIs, meeting compliance frameworks, cyber security audits, among others within a realistic timeframe and by a cost-effective approach.
4Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT)
With the increasing rate of cyber-attacks and breaches targeting email systems, networks, databases, computers, business/mobile applications, web portals, and payment channels, e-Crime Bureau has developed a comprehensive module that provides a 360 approach to security assessment to identify and assess vulnerabilities within IT infrastructure, systems and processes of institutions and assess its cyber security resilience against cyber-attacks.
5Rapid Continuous Vulnerability Assessments (CVAs)
Proactive and continuous vulnerability assessments is a practical and pragmatic approach to dealing with everyday cyber-attacks. e-Crime Bureau has deployed robust systems and technology to support institutions identify real-time cyber threats that advise the most effective remediation approaches to correct existing vulnerabilities. The deployment of tools and techniques undertake periodic scans of internal IT assets to identify vulnerabilities and direct IT Teams to take steps to deal with potential threats.
6Development/Review of Information Security Policies
The Bureau has been assisting institutions to build solid cyber security culture involving the technology, people and processes, ensure the business continues in the event of any cyber breach, maintain and ensure security and confidentiality of information, and also implement integrated framework specific to the organisations’ business needs vis-à-vis the potential risks. We engage and support government, parastatal and business organisations to monitor and review security policies/legislative development within the cyber security industry to address cybercrime challenges within the cybersecurity ecosystem.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Services

Countering modern cyber-threats requires a 360 approach to counter criminal activities of threat actors. e-Crime Bureau has developed the Cyber Threat Intelligence Portal, a cyber security provider access point for threat intelligence that provides cyber-attacks, financial crimes data and insights gathered by e-Crime Bureau to support institutions with the latest cyber threat intelligence to help maintain immunity to cyber-attacks.

ISO 27001 Implementation and certification

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized best practice framework for an information security management system (ISMS). e-Crime Bureau provides compliance evaluation of ISMS commitment, implementation, operation, monitoring, review, maintenance and improvement of information security.

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