Cyber Forensics

Mobile Forensics

Computer Forensics

Database Forensics

Cyber forensics involves the investigation of computer-related crimes with the goal of obtaining evidence to be presented in a court of law.

With the current upsurge in the use of digital devices for both commercial and private activities, relevant evidence are often found on suspect(s) devices during investigations. Specialized skills are required to identify, collect, preserve, examine, analyse and present these evidence in a way that is legally admissible. A suspect’s digital device may contain relevant evidence such as visited websites, installed applications, documents created, media files, network activities, plan of criminal activities or stolen data. This could be invaluable in a criminal or civil investigation.

Our team of specialized digital forensic experts provide support for law enforcement, financial institutions, criminal and forensic investigators, corporate entities, legal professionals and individuals to retrieve digital evidence in a forensically sound manner which could be relied upon in a court of law

Specialized Cyber Forensic Services

Computer Forensics

We offer specialized services that involve the analysis of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) on electronic devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, external hard drives and USB devices. Our focus on computer forensics deals with the application of investigative analysis techniques on computer systems to retrieve and preserve evidence in a way that is legally admissible in the court of law

Network Forensics

e-Crime Bureau is equipped with certified professionals in network forensics who work around the clock in case of an incident. Our incident response times is governed by Service Level Agreements. We have invested heavily in the latest digital forensic technology to ensure that incidents relating to monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, or intrusion detection are achieved.

Mobile Forensics

With a well-resourced laboratory and a team of experts, we specialise in the recovery of data from mobile phones as well as data found on the SIM/USIM and the external memory cards of digital devices. Data retrieved and examined can include images, audio files, videos, text or SMS messages, call logs, contact numbers, deleted data, WhatsApp conversations, among others.

Database Forensics

Our services in database forensics center on scientifically interrogating a database and carefully analyzing the content or metadata and pages to reconstruct them or to identify any suspicious activity.


Data recovery is just a step towards any litigation. The most important thing is to understand the data and transform that understanding into meaningful intelligence. We provide eDiscovery service to help law enforcement, law firms and corporations plan, discover, interpret, manage and leverage raw data into Discovery Intelligence.

With our wealth of industry experience, e-Crime Bureau has professionals who can assist you to protect your data.

Data Recovery

We have the skills in data recovery, be it accidentally or intentionally deleted from an electronic media. Our team of experts go as far as to repair damage storage media in order to recover data.

e-Crime Bureau

e-Crime Bureau is an industry leader in West Africa in the area of cyber security, digital forensics, intelligence, investigations and related services, among others. It is the first cyber security and digital forensics agency with a state-of-the-art e-Crime Lab to be established and fully operate in West Africa.



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