The maiden Information Technology Conference has been held at the Mensvic Grand Hotel in Accra organised by the Ghana Insurers Association (GIA).

At the May 24 event which brought together industry CEOs, cyber security experts, insurance groups and the media; Philemon Hini of the E-Crime Bureau demonstrated just how vulnerable users of phones, tablets and either laptops or desktops are because of their limited knowledge when it came to being cyber aware.

Touching on WhatsApp installed on phones, he displayed how one could clone the phone of a user and have access to his or her data on his machine including call logs, photos, videos, emails and other sensitive information.

“You can buy a new phone or laptop in a box but it doesn’t mean it’s new and hasn’t been compromised,” the cyber security investigator revealed.

According to Mr. Hini, the global cost of cyber-crime in 2017 was $600 billion adding that for insurance companies not to be sorry, they must put in measures to protect their systems which ensures confidentiality, availability and integrity.

It emerged a way to be guarded was to update one’s social media apps regularly and keep a measured presence online to avoid exposing so much on one’s personal life and work.